The Susitna Valley

The Susitna River Valley extends from the Cook Inlet north of Anchorage up the Susitna River to the Alaska Range. This is an area where I spend a lot of time. Most of my stories and photos are from the Susitna Valley. Come back regularly and I will show you what it's like to hunt, fish, live and play in this backcountry area of Alaska.
In addition, I am especially interested in the history of the Susitna Valley, especially Susitna Station and Talkeetna where my sweetheart Jeff and I have property. It's hard to spend time here and not feel the connection with the past. I have lots of history to tell so if you are a history buff keep your eye on this tab.
The Susitna Valley is also a place with abundant wildlife and stunning natural beauty which I am constantly photographing. I will post pictures regularly. Enjoy!