My Life on the River

People always want to know what it's like to live remotely in the Alaska Wilderness. I always dreamed of doing it...building a cabin and living self-sufficiently. I used to draw pictures all the time of my dream homestead with a cabin in the mountains by a lake with a garden. I loved studying anything to do with self-sufficiency and I always loved reading true Alaskan adventure stories. It wasn't until my fifties that I got to experience the cabin life in the remote Alaskan wilderness and it was everything I thought it would be and more. I myself bought a 10 acre piece of property in Talkeetna and put a little vacation camper on it and that's about as far as I got on my own. Then I met my sweetheart, Jeff, in the Fall of 2012. He was a widow looking for someone to spend time with doing the things he loved in the great outdoors. I also had experienced the loss of a spouse and I too was looking for someone to share adventure with. On our first day I took Jeff to my property in Talkeetna and we had a great time. On our second date he took me to his property on the Susitna River where he had a beautiful cabin he built himself. I fell in love with the place and with him. He was the kind of man that knew how to survive in the wilderness and it really intrigued me. For as much as I wanted to experience the wilderness life I was also afraid and not confident in my ability to do it. He gave me the confidence. When I was with him he made me feel safe. He was willing to show me all that he knew about wilderness living and since that time we have had many adventures together. It has been the time of my life! I will show you what it's like in the beautiful backcountry of Alaska living the dream through the seasons: Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.